Our Founder

Margaret B. Shipley, MD

The Shipley Child Health Clinic, led by Dr. Margaret Shipley, began in 1971 as a pilot project of the Junior League to provide health care to underserved children. 

Sadly, Dr. Shipley passed away on November 14, 2007. The legacy of her mission shall remain as a celebration of her life for many years to come, or as long as children’s’ health care services are needed. 

For those of you who knew Margaret, you would remember that she was a humble woman who rarely took credit for her accomplishments. She was quick to acknowledge those in her company who were steadfast in their mutual commitment to the vision and mission that has become the Margaret B. Shipley Child Health Clinic, Inc. Margaret was devoted to maintaining a relationship with this clinic and the women who made up the core group of original volunteers. 

Margaret Shipley never considered her accomplish- ments as anything extraordinary. If you asked her how she spent her life, she would chuckle and tell you that she was a house wife and a mother who spent much of her time in the kitchen in an apron. She might have told you that she had a medical degree, but not that she became the first female intern at Massachusetts General Hospital. She might have told you that she became a pediatrician because she loved children, but not that she spent her entire career as a volunteer, receiving no pay. She might have told you that she completed her residency program at Cleveland Metro Health Hospital, but not that she entered the program in her mid-50s, after a 30 year hiatus from medical education. She would not want to draw attention to herself or allow you to marvel at the difficulty of achieving her pursuit. She would not likely tell you that she had been named Woman of the Year; that she re- ceived the Junior League’s Presidents Award; that she received an international award for Women Helping Women; that she was recognized by the 125th General Assembly as Stark County Hall of Fame Citizen Of Honor, or that a building had been renamed in her honor in appreciation for her dedicated service to children.

Dr. Margaret Shipley will be truly missed, but her mission and her legacy shall live on.